Become a member

Make an impact in the communities you call home!

To become a member, persons must complete a membership application and purchase one membership share for $1,000.
We are seeking patient investors with a 5+ year investment horizon.

If you prefer a printable application, please email info@wkbinvestmentcoop.com

Who is eligible to become a member and investor in the WKB Investment Co-op?

  • Canadian residents, 19 years or older. Must be a British Columbia resident, or if residing in another Province, must be an Accredited Investor.

  • Canadian-controlled corporations, governments or First Nations. Must be incorporated under the laws of British Columbia, or if incorporated in another Province, must be an Accredited Investor.

75% of the Investment Co-op’s members must reside, or have their registered office, within the West Kootenay Boundary region.

For assistance or more information, please send us a message.